The Priest's Journal - Handout

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The Priest’s Journal (found in The Dormitories or on the Rooftop) contains only 3 legible entries. The rest have been torn out or scribbled over with such violence as to rip parts of the page and leave behind large black ink stains. On the inside cover, in neat writing is the name “Gregory”.

2880/2 - Cycle of our Mother.

Sara and I had another fight today. Sel, I loathe fighting! But no matter how much we pretend to understand each other, Sara still can’t believe why I joined the Priesthood. I know she loves me, but it's just so frustrating. If only she could feel what I feel.

The light of Sel has lead me to a place of personal peace I could have never imagined. I finally believe that I don’t have to hate myself. It’s all thanks to Nerezza. I tell Sara of him often. A warmer, kinder, more understanding man has never before walked the red earth of Selenia, I would stake my life on that!

2881/3 - Cycle of our Mother.

Something is going on and I can’t make any sense of it. Everyone is in a foul mood. People have been waking up screaming in the dormitories. Constant nightmares. Our late night study sessions, once filled with humour, have started to leave a sour taste in my mouth. No one jokes anymore. No one even seems to smile - even during prayer!

I passed Nerezza in the hall outside his Communion Chamber yesterday. I reached out to her, as I have a hundred times before. Our Mother, always patient, always ready with a kind word for anyone, walked right past me - her face pale and withdrawn.

I know this sounds overly suspicious, but everything seems to have gotten worse since Nerezza received that strange visitor. He walked right past me, on his way to meet with the High Priestess. Yet no matter how hard I try, I can’t picture his face. I can’t even remember his hair color. All I remember is the feeling of dread in my stomach.

2882/1 - Cycle of our Mother.

[The penmanship, once neat and tidy, is noticeably worse on this page.]

The crown. The Crown. THE CROWN!

All I see is the CROWN. All I think is the CROWN. It bloccks out the light and th dark. Everything is orange. ORGANE light is everything.

I sometims see Nerezza. Her face GLOWS MAGNIFICENT ORANGE! His voice is whipsering aksing me to do things. THins I shouldnt do. THings Ic ant do. Her voice is shiftingm, chgninge. Is that singing? Is she singing?

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