The Lumpy Kingfisher
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Proprietor: Monica Shellsister

There is a strange inscription above the door as you enter. The common room smells of comfort food and affords a perfect view of the sea. The food here is unparalleled and home of a famous Seasquid Chowder.


New Potato Salad

Fresh herbs make it sing.

9 cp

Battered Calamari

Fresh from the sea and shatteringly crisp.

2 sp

Packed Lunch

An assortment of fruits, bread, and hard cheeses. Packed for traveling.

1 sp

Pain Perdu

Slightly stale bread dipped in sweet batter with vanilla and cinnamon, then pan-fried.

1 sp

Monica’s Famous Seasquid Chowder

All the riches of the sea in one bowl. So good it attracts famous chefs to the region.

3 sp


  • The very top floor is Monica’s bedroom. It contains a small, locked wine cellar with 8 bottles of rare and delightful vintages.

  • See GM Notes for Monica Shellsister

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