The Feywild

Sometimes vibrant and whimsical, and other times twisted and terrifying, the Feywild is an echo of the Material Plane and part of the Axis that makes up the center of the cosmos.

The Feywild is the home of the Fey, and the original birthplace of the elves, along with many other sentient races.

The Feywild is divided into main Domains of Delight, but the most famous four regions are:

The Spring Court

Associated with the element of earth, the fey of the spring court are devoted to cultivation, growth, and nurturing life.

The Summer Court

The summer court is associated with the element of fire, as well as warm, light, and the shining sun. With fire comes burning passion.

The Autumn Court

The autumn court is closely associated with the element of air and with change. Change is the universal constant, and the fey of the autumn court are heralds of change.

The Winter Court

The winter court is associated with the element of water in the form of frozen wastes. Representing darkness, trickery, and the treacherous nature of the fey, the winter court is ruled by Krulóva the queen of mourning.

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