Primordial Age

It is widely accepted among most mortals that the world was brought into existence by Sofos, the Grandfather, and the planes and denizens of the multiverse were created by he and his children.
This is a lie, a grand fabrication started by zealous worshippers of the new gods, who stoked the flames of misinformation over millennia until there were few who even conceived of a time before the current gods.

The Primordials

Before the new gods and before recorded time the universe was ruled by titanic dragon-like creatures known as the primordials.
No one knows what came before the primordials, but what little information exists about them before the ascension of the new gods talks of worlds being destroyed with a single word, of battles between colossal creatures that cracked mountains, and of fearsome winged nightmares that dominated entire planes.

The Gift of Magic

During this time, magic belonged only to the primordials, who used it to dominate all life.
In the rare event of a primordial’s death, their bones would fossilize into a crystalline structure that still housed the magic they commanded in life.
When the Dragon Queen slew her fellow primordial, Istar (Ishtar /ɪʃtar/), by breaking his body into the surface of the world, the mortals of that world were given a mighty gift.
As Istar’s body decayed, it left behind the magic-infused shattered skeleton, which the mortals referred to as sunat stone.
These pieces of Istar were infused with the star-dragon’s magic, and the mortals were able to use them for their own purposes.
Istar’s death was so pivotal to the mortals of this world that through the stories and legends, Istar became the name of the world itself.

The Primordial War

Those that study the primordial age believe that Sofos, the Grandfather, was among the first to gain power from the pieces of Istar.
The legends say that Sofos used the new found magic to gather followers, sharing that magic with them, and promising them that they could be the rulers of the cosmos, replacing the primordials.
Together with those early followers, Sofos began to hunt the primordials, with each victory granting more magic and more power to him and his “children”.

Teras, the Monster

Eventually, almost all the primordials had been killed by the new gods or fled beyond the known cosmos.
The only primordial left to defeat was Teras, a gargantuan wyrm that had grown so vast even his city-sized wings could no longer lift him from the ground.
Teras’ armor plates were so thick that no spell could penetrate them, and it seemed that the monster would consume the world of Istar in its rampage.
Malus, the Prince of Darkness and eventual lord of the devils devised a plan to imprison the Monster, keeping it locked beneath the earth.
Twelve powerful spellcasters were positioned across the world around Teras and each performed a binding ritual which successfully imprisoned Teras in a demiplane known as the Pit.
With Teras imprisoned, the primordials were defeated and the new gods held dominion over the cosmos

Magic Unleashed

The slaughter of the primordials left vast numbers of fossilized, magic-infused bodies across the world, and it didn’t take long for the knowledge of how to harvest this new resource to be spread across the planes.
As more of the sunat stones were used, the magic held within them was released into the world. After centuries of using the stones as a resource, mortals began to be born with natural magical abilities, and it wasn’t long before the secrets of harnessing the magic all around them was gifted to mortals by Trelos, one of the new gods.
As more and more mortals began to command the magic of the natural world, the use of sunat stones fell out of favor, and the remaining bodies of the primordials became lost to time.

Sunat Stones

The few sunat stones that remain in the modern age are discovered by accident or horded by mages as a powerful focus for their magical abilities.
Though the true power of the stones has been lost since the fall of the Akmeri Empire, sunat stones can still be wielded to terrifying effect, granting magic even to those without their own.

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