The Carnival Of Hysteria

The carnival of hysteria is renowned across the land for its rides, entertainers, and intrigue.

Before the carnival arrives, jesters skip through the destination town handing out golden tickets to children and adults alike, inviting them to sample the hysteria. 48 hours later, a nearby field is filled with lights and music from the attractions, and the spires of the big tent tower over the area, visible for miles around.

Legends say the carnival once served as personal entertainment for an archfey queen, but now it wanders from town to town, appearing as if by magic to entertain the local population.

The carnival of hysteria opens for four days, with each day having a different signature event. The fourth day always ends with a main show in the big tent in which all the performers in the carnival have a part to play, and this finale is always sold out by the time curtain opens.

Attractions at the Carnival

Wishing Well

At the edge of the carnival, beyond the hedge maze, is an ornate well said to be the home of a djinni.

People travel from miles around to throw a coin in the well and make their wish to the djinni, and there are tales of people who visited the well later finding fame and fortune.

The Purple Worm

The purple worm is a roller coaster that snakes its way around the boundaries of the carnival. It is named after the famed creature because at several points the purple carriage dips underground and weaves through a series of tunnels.

Jojo’s Bazaar Adventure

Jojo is the most famous of the clowns in the carnival of hysteria, and he makes his home in a haunted shopping mall attraction on the western edge of the carnival.

Within Jojo’s bazaar, laughter is traded for screams as Jojo and his minions attempt to deliver the fright of a lifetime.

Magical Cakes

Among the many delicacies available in the carnival, the most highly sought after treat is one of Alexander’s cakes.

Infused with magic, these sweet treats can make you stronger, faster, smarter, or give you temporary powers.

Kraken Cove

On the eastern edge of the carnival, guests can take a journey under the ocean on the Kraken Cove ride, where they will encounter mermaids, merrow, and perhaps even catch a glimpse of the kraken itself.

Giant’s Sling

The carnival’s largest employee, Cosog the giant, operates a ride where he swings guests via a large iron chain.
Many guests emerge from the ride dizzy and nauseous.

Hedge Maze

The hedge maze in the carnival of hysteria is not for the faint of heart. The entrance is a portal to the feywild where the maze itself is located, and the only way out it to locate the centre of the maze and step through the exit portal.

There are many tales of young guests who have ignored the warnings of the staff and ventured into the maze unprepared, never to be seen again.

Dungeon of Delights

This attraction allows young children to get a taste of the life of an adventurer. Entrants are given fake armor and weapons, and have to “fight” their way through a mock dungeon, filled with halflings dressed as goblins, people dressed in zombie make up, and even a real animated skeleton at the end.

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