Battle of the Burning Cascade

The Battle of the Burning Cascade marks the end of the Subjugation, the apparent death of the Subjugator , the start of the Lady’s reign.

Leadup to the Battle

The Subjugator and Lady had lead a violent crusade across Talavaar for nearly 200 years, and were within 100 leagues of the continent’s western coast. All of Talavaar was nearly under the control of the Subjugator.

The last leg of the campaign required the empire to cross a major river into the western territory. Their enemies made a stand at a ford over the river, holding the empire forces for close to a month.

To break the stalemate, the subjugator ordered several tons of pitch to be dumped into the waters upriver. As the polluted waters reached the waterfall near the ford, it was set alight, raining fire on the western forces.

The Betrayer Queen

In what should have been the final push and victory for the Empire, a wave of force swept across the battlefield, rendering the Subjugator momentarily incapacitate. In that moment, the Lady betrayed him, plunging a black dagger into his heart before sounding for full retreat.

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