The Guild of Fiber and Leatherr Artisans

Yaks, goats, and even some hardy Duscarn plants provide plenty of fiber with which to make clothing, rugs, tapestries, blankets, cloths, flags, and tents. In recent years, a pair of halflings have even discovered a means of crafting paper from the fibers in rugged bushes found just below the treeline. In an effort to beautify the spartan halls of Falthringor, House Wenjansk has commissioned countless tapestries and banners to adorn the castle. Those who craft the dyes used in these fiber arts are also members of the guild. Finally, though their numbers are few, tanners and leatherworkers are also expected to join the guild.

  • Łukasz (he/him), lowlander, age 46, weaver and guildmaster. Designs and weaves all official banners and tapestries for the High Kestrel. Almost never speaks, but listens intently to the
    castle’s gossip.

  • Marzena (she/her), lowlander, age 17, apprentice papermaker. Hates her life and wants to flee Falthringor. Frequently drinks on the job and is deeply in debt to Jagoda the distiller.

  • Beeluk (he/him), Silliar goblin, age 20, tailor. The only goblin permitted to live in Falthringor. Loud and disrespectful, but the finest dressmaker House Wenjansk has ever known.

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