The Guild of Stone Artisans

Falthringor’s walls are built from alchemically reinforced stones, but every giant raid has resulted in cracked walls. Quickly repairing and occasionally augmenting Falthringor’s defenses is the greatest responsibility of the members of the Guild of Stone Artisans. However, many stoneworkers also build sculptures for the High Kestrel, millstones for the farmers, and tombstones for the dead. Unsurprisingly, there is a disproportionate number of giants among the stone artisans

  • Hrekkiczee “Wallbud” (she/her), giant, age 33, stonemason and guildmaster. Tirelessly tends to the curtain walls while training apprentices, regaling them all the while with bizarre stories she invents

  • Celestyn (she/her), lowlander, age 49, stone engraver. Chisels heraldry and shamanic symbols into the castle’s stonework. Frequently works alongside Ɓukasz the weaver, for whom she pines.

  • Kacper (he/him), lowlander, age 19, stonecutter. Steadfast and loyal to guildmaster Hrekkiczee. Much prefers cutting stone to his intermittent service with the spearmen.

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