The Guild of Wood Artisans

Everyone in the hamlets below Fathringor lives in wooden homes. Most of these homes, however, were built by their occupants. Subsistence farmers are expected to hone a great number of skills, and basic woodworking is chief among them. The Guild of Wood Artisans, however, is dedicated to those building woodcrafts for others: coopers, joiners, and furniture makers. This guild also includes those employed by the Lord Ratchets to construct buildings such as watchtowers and garrisons specifically for House Wenjansk.

  • Adelheid (they/them), upland halfling, age 38, carpenter and guildmaster. Crafts any and all furniture used by the High Kestrel and his family. A close companion of Lord Ratchet Foldet, and a staunch believer that the upland halflings should be wary of their lowlander “hosts.”

  • Kamil (he/him), lowlander, age 50, carpenter. Builds Wenjansk sentry towers across the Duscarn Range. Typically works alone. Has repeatedly and inexplicably communed with the Great Falcon. Often questions his sanity.

  • Arek (he/him), lowlander, age 23, woodcutter. Often distracted. The best hurdy-gurdy player in Falthringor, despite possessing only seven remaining fingers.

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