The Guild of Metal Artisans

The soil of the Duscarn Range may be tainted, but metals of all varieties can be found in abundance. Early expeditions from Falthringor revealed dozens of small mines along the mountainside, remnants of former Duscarn dominion. Though these mines are far from fully operational, it is still surprisingly easy to recover iron, copper, tin, and zinc. Metal artisans in this guild include blacksmith, tinsmiths, armorers, and a handful of dedicated miners living along the slopes. The vast majority of their work is wholly unrelated to the average adventure’s idea of stereotypical blacksmith fare; they mostly craft mugs, nails, hinges, and the like. Even so, it is possible to barter for a shortsword or some chainmail.

  • Natalia (she/her), lowlander, age 72, tinsmith and guildmaster. Mystical to the point of being nearly incoherent. Speaks solely in obtuse or quasi-religious metaphors.

  • Petrig (they/them), upland halfling, age 39, blacksmith and armorer. Makes small-scale weapons and armor for halflings who don’t trust the Wenjansk armed forces.

  • Damek (he/him), lowlander, age 26, miner. An escaped criminal from House Jutmek. Traveled all the way to the Duscarn Range after being accused of murder.

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