The Guild of Food and Liquor Artisans

Subsistence farmers typically grow more food than they can eat themselves. The rest they barter with their neighbors or sell to dedicated artisans. These artisans take that foodstuffs and make jerky, pickles, vodka, and preserves. Much of these finer foods end up in meals for the nobles or as strategic reserves within Falthringor. This is not to say that common folk don’t also enjoy jerky and moonshine, but merely that they typically make their own. The highest quality product, however, will come from the expert artisans within the guild

  • Jagoda (she/her), lowlander, age 29, distiller and guildmaster. Makes the best vodka in Falthringor. Has nearly perfected a handful of alchemical concoctions in her off-time, though only ever in secret.

  • Hania (she/her), lowlander, age 14, pickler. Pickling is easy for precocious Hania, who would much rather focus on her scarily detailed and accurate star charts.

  • Wynnflæd (she/her), upland halfling, age 37, butcher. Bonded to a mysterious alchemical homunculus named Kyrin that emerged from Falthringor’s cistern. Surprisingly unfazed by this development.

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