Southern Reaches

The name used by the Lakesht, other continents for the lands beyond the southern mountains. For many generations the area has been completely inaccessible, but a five years ago the mountain pass reopened. Since then, groups from throughout the Confederation (primarily the Expeditionary Coalition) have begun expanding into the area, slowly carving out a safe zone in this inhospitable and mysterious area.

Little civilization exists in the southlands, at least for now. A days march beyond the pass lies a restored keep called The Mouth , which serves as the point from which expeditions set forth, with a small smattering of supporting farmlands and villages. The only other known inhabitants is the port town of Saltmarsh in the south-east. After the pass reopened, members from some of the merchant fleets, along with some retired pirates and privateers chose to resettle in a run-down town by the bay.

A haunted structure, the Abbey of Ghosts can be found to the southwest of the farmlands across the river.