About this Project

Questing in Selenia is an Example Project to demonstrate what a LegendKeeper project could look like. LegendKeeper lets you organize your wiki anyway you want, so be sure to check out our other Example Projects and get creative!


The idea for this Example Project was to create the seeds for a campaign world for use in fantasy tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons. We used our custom maps by Augustinas Raginskis as inspiration for the world design. These same maps are available in the assets folder of every new LegendKeeper project.

The world also contains a D&D adventure called “Nerezza’s Jagged Crown” complete with dungeon, descriptive text, magic items, and NPCs.


This project was created using maps and artwork from the LegendKeeper collection, as well as other sources of inspiration.

More about dScryb

dScryb (2021 ENNIE Award Winner for Best Online Content) offers over 4,000 scenes of places, monsters, and spells, and the collection keeps growing. They’re just like boxed text from your favorite adventure book, but designed to be read-aloud in your own campaign.

We were able to use their search feature to rapidly find relevant descriptive text when we needed it. With only a few modifications to fit our story, we were able to drop it in to Quest: Nerezza's Jagged Crown to bring the scenes to life. Honestly, it saved us a lot of time.

They were kind enough to offer us a discount for LegendKeeper users. They have a free library, but if you decide you want access to the full library you can use the code LEGENDKEEPER at checkout to save $5 off your first payment.

More about Here Be Taverns

Here Be Taverns (2021 ENNIE Award Nominee for Best Online Content and Best Digital Aid) is a collection of random generators for fantasy roleplaying games. The generators are designed to inspire you - they provide just enough information and imagery to get you unstuck when prepping or when you need something quick at the table.

There are 6 free generators (Characters, Magic Items, Taverns, Monsters, Plot Hooks, and Locations) and 3 premium ones (Factions, Towns, and Encounters). If the premium ones seem useful to you, you can use the code SELENIA at checkout to save $5.


This project was designed and written by Adam Waselnuk.

Adam is the Head Writer at LegendKeeper. You can say hi or ask questions about this project in the LegendKeeper Discord. His handle is wazels#1693.