Welcome to the LegendKeeper demo world!

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LegendKeeper is an easy-to-use platform for game masters, world builders, and creative minds. Whether you're conjuring up a tabletop RPG campaign, plotting a fantasy novel, or just love building detailed universes, LegendKeeper offers an intuitive, flexible, and collaborative space to bring your visions to life.

Dismiss this window to start exploring our demo project, or expand the sections below to learn a few things about LK. If you want to start making your own worlds like this one, we have a 14-day trial. Learn more and sign up here.

LegendKeeper Features


From vast galaxies to deep dungeons, upload and nest as many maps as you want. LegendKeeper will flex to fit your world and its amazing places.

  • Upload maps from Wonderdraft, Inkarnate, Photoshop, or any of your favorite mapmaking tools.

  • Drop pins to seamlessly link your world together. Write lore directly from the map, or dive into your wiki.


Building out your world shouldn't feel like doing fantasy taxes, unless you're into that sort of thing. A powerful, clutter-free text editor keeps you focused on what matters most—telling your story.

  • LegendKeeper's powerful text editor automatically detects recognized names and recommends links, making it easy to inter-connect your world's lore.

  • Create secret pages, tabs, and blocks that only the project admin can see!

  • No tedious form-filling or blank spaces; LK elegantly tucks away the features you aren't using.


Create family trees, faction diagrams, quest flows, and more to create windows into your world. Nothing like a frantic conspiracy board to drive a story forward.

  • Drag and drop your lore entires onto LK's whiteboards to easily create diagrams to capture what words can't.

Timelines (Coming Soon)

Ok, timelines aren't ready yet, but they're in the works! We're making an amazing timeline tool that can help you zoom around your world's chronology. You can zoom out to get a bird's eye view, or zoom way in to plot the action minute-by-minute.

  • Invite collaborators to immerse yourself in the only fully-multiplayer worldbuilding app.

  • Share your creations with the world with our one-click public sharing links.

  • Ok, performance isn't everything but... LegendKeeper is blazing fast and it works (mostly) offline. Most of its functionality runs directly in your browser, meaning no loading screens.

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