The Aparthian Empire

From the Ashk Setting Guide

The Aparthian Empire is a collection of nations, dominions, colonies, protectorates, mandates, and other territories ruled or administered by Apartha .

The Empire stretches from Ashk in the West to the Endless sea to the East, and is comprised of more than a dozen full nations, as well as many smaller regions.

When the Empire conquers a nation those who have been conquered are given the option to become full Aparthian citizens, which grants them voting rights, as well as a stipend from the government after five years of citizenship.

To become an Aparthian citizen, one must renounce their existing religion and convert to the worship of Sofos the Grandfather [NG] . A citizen must also swear fealty to the Empire and promise to protect its borders through possible conscription.

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The Aparthian Dominions


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