The Supplication
During the supplication, each character involved in the ritual challenge must make a request to the guardian of the plane in which the deceased's soul resides (usually the soul realm).
To do this, the character must speak the reasons they want and need the deceased to return to life, arguing why this creature deserves to return.

The Offering
There is always a cost to bringing back the dead, and during the offering each character must place an item into the magical fire to be sacrificed to the deceased soul’s guardian. These items can be valuable either from a monetary
standpoint, or a sentimental standpoint.

The Soul Bond
The final part of the ritual involves a single creature designating themselves as the anchor for the deceased’s soul.

They use their own soul to call out to the deceased and bring them back to the material plane, binding their souls together.

The Resurrection Check
The character who has chosen to be the anchor makes a final resurrection check to determine if the deceased character is brought back to life by rolling a d20.
The DC for this final check is 20, and is lowered by 1 point for each character that has made a satisfying supplication
and/or has made a worthy offer. It is up to the dungeon master to determine if a player’s supplication and offering were worthy enough to reduce the DC.
If the resurrection check is successful, the deceased character’s soul is released and returns to their body.
Upon their return, the resurrected character will share a trait with the character with whom they now share a soul bound.
The most common manifestation of a soul bound is the resurrected creature sharing the eye color of their soul bonded
counterpart. A character can only be resurrected once without the use of a wish spell.

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