Dusk Empire

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The Dusk Empire once stretched from The Cut for thousands of miles to the west of Talavaar under the leadership of its former emperor, remembered now only as the Subjugator.

This period, known as the subjugation, saw almost all of Talavaar united under a single banner of conquest.

In what should have been the empire’s finest hour, with victory within grasp, the Subjugator was betrayed by his wife, who took command of the Empire as it fled east before settling on the western banks of the Cut.

The Lady of Dusk

After betraying and murdering her husband, the Empress, most commonly known as “the Lady” ordered a retreat. Civil war broke out almost immediately, with those loyal to the Subjugator fighting against the Lady and her forces.

The Lady returned to The Black Tower in the Jewel Cities, and is slowly rebuilding her strength.

The Black Legion

The military might of the Dusk Empire comes from the legion, an army of professional soldiers who swear an oath of loyalty to the Emperor (or Empress).

Imperial Governors

Much of the land of the empire is directly administered by governors, politicians who are responsible for raising taxes, ensuring continued operation of the imperial machine, and defending their regions.

Beneath governors are countless lesser administrators such as barons, mayors, and minor lords.

The Legates

The cities under the Empire’s banner are ruled by Legates, members of the Legion who answer to the Lady directly, and often serve as her council.

Order within the cities of the Empire is maintained by local factions employed directly by the Legates, though Legionnaires may sometimes be deployed as peace keepers.


The Office for Imperial Security Overwatch is the intelligence and counter-terrorism branch of the black legion.

The ISO is responsible for routing out rebellion and sedition in the empire, and ensuring imperial standards are being adhered to.

An ISO Overseer arriving in a settlement is sure to terrify all its citizens.

The Hollowed

The Hollowed were the primary lieutenants of the Subjugator.

Created using dark magics, the Subjugator would rip the souls from his enemies, giving him command of their flesh.

Most of the Hollowed were also powerful spellcasters.




The Black Tower


The Lady of Dusk, “The Lady”, The Betrayer Queen.




Talavaar Common

Dominant Population


Minority Population

Dominant Religions

None - The empire commands that no power be placed higher than the Empress. Individuals are permitted their personal religions, but the state is agnostic.

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