Mendax's Reckoning

Mendax’s Reckoning is the name given to both an event and place.

As a place, it is a crater located in the southwest region of Mornburg.

As an event, it marks the official end of the Mendax Rebellion, where forces from the Order of the Silver Gauntlet destroyed Mendax’s physical form and wiped out his forces through the use of a Cataclysm spell.


Throughout the rebellion, Mendax had inventors and spellcasters working on ever more twisted ways of achieving widespread physical corruption.

Once such method involved breeding a race of parasitic creatures that would transform their hosts into monsters. After some successful small-scale tests, Mendax ordered a legion of the creatures be bred in a warehouse in the southeast of Mornburg.

If even a few of the creatures had escaped into the world it would have been apocalyptic, so the Order of the Silver Gauntlet mounted an all out attack on the city to destroy the operation.

The resulting cataclysm utterly destroyed Mendax’s physical form, levelled many blocks of the city, and caused massive damage throughout the rest of the city.

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