Death & Dying
  • Knocked Out When reduced to 0 HP, move your initiative to directly before the creature or effect that reduced you to 0 HP. Gain dying 1, or dying 2 if the damage came from a critical hit or your critical failure on a save. A nonlethal effect makes you unconscious at 0 HP and doesn't give you the dying condition.

  • Dying You are unconscious. If you ever reach dying 4, you die. Attempt a recovery check at the start of your turn to determine whether you get better or worse. If you ever have 1 HP or more, you lose the dying condition. Any time you lose the dying condition, increase your wounded value by 1. If you take damage while dying, increase the dying value by 1 (or 2 on an enemy's critical success or your critical failure).

  • Recovery Checks At the start of your turn when you're dying, attempt a flat check (DC 10 + your dying value).
    Critical Success Your dying value is reduced by 2.
    Success Your dying value is reduced by 1.
    Failure Your dying value increases by 1.
    Critical Failure Your dying value increases by 2.

  • Wounded Any time you gain the dying condition or increase it for any reason, add your wounded value to the amount you gain or increase your dying value. The wounded condition ends if you receive HP from Treat Wounds, or if you're restored to full HP and rest for 10 minutes.

  • Doomed The maximum dying value at which you die is reduced by your doomed value. If your maximum dying value is reduced to 0, you instantly die. Your doomed value decreases by 1 each time you get a full night's rest.


You can't wake up from unconsciousness while you have 0 Hit Points. If you're unconscious and have 1 or more Hit Points, you wake up in one of five ways.

  • You take damage, provided the damage doesn't drop you to 0 HP.

  • You receive healing, other than natural healing from resting.

  • Someone nudges or shakes you awake with an Interact action.

  • If there's loud noise, at the start of your turn attempt a Perception check against the noise's DC, waking up if you succeed. If creatures are attempting to stay quiet, this uses their Stealth DC.

  • The GM decides you wake up either because you have had a restful night's sleep or something disrupted that restful sleep.

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