Tournament Activities


Contest Rules: Each contestant is given six arrows to fire at three different targets—a short-range blue target, a medium-range green target, and a long-range red target.
To score points, the contestant’s arrow must make a solid hit, not only hitting the target but sticking into it—a shot that fails to do enough damage to overcome the target’s Hardness bounces off and does not stick. A critical hit on
a target indicates a bull’s-eye. All shots must be taken in 6 rounds or the shooter is disqualified. Likewise, if no shots hit, the shooter is disqualified. If the shooter fires all six arrows in fewer than 6 rounds, they earn 2 bonus points for each remaining round.


This target has a picture of a kobold painted on it. The target is made of canvas stretched over straw.
Range 50 feet (no range penalty)
AC 25; Hardness 2
Solid Hit 1 point; Critical Hit 3 points

This target has a picture of an owlbear painted on it. The target is made of wood reinforced with metal bands.
Range 150 feet (–2 range penalty)
AC 30; Hardness 6
Solid Hit 3 points; Critical Hit 9 points

This target has a picture of a dragon painted on it. The target is made of reinforced iron.
Range 450 feet (–8 range penalty)
AC 35; Hardness 10
Solid Hit 5 points; Critical Hit 15 points


In the test of the axe, each contestant is assigned to one of six fifteen-foot squares demarcated at each corner by a large upright
log. The winner is the first contestant to hew through all four of their square’s logs using a greataxe. Similar to the archery competition, the four hours leading up to this event are filled with exhibition woodchopping from a wide range of would-be lumberjacks.

Contest Rules: At the start, contestants are supplied with a greataxe and are then directed to take position inside their square. Nunzio holds a bright red flag up in the air, and when he lowers it, the six contestants can start hacking away at their logs (AC 20, Hardness 5, HP 20 [BT 10]) with their greataxe. Magic is allowed, but only to enhance an axe or its wielder—if the contestant damages or directly targets a log with something other than a greataxe or casts a spell on another competitor
or their axe, they are disqualified.

It’s easiest to set up this contest in encounter mode, assigning each contestant a three-by-three grid of fivefoot squares with the contestant starting in the grid’s center square and the logs in the middle of each corner square. The six grids should all be close together so that each contestant starts no more than 15 feet from at least one other contestant; some of the NPCs have tactics below that can affect other targets in range.
Let the PC contestant choose whichever grid they want to be assigned to them (note that this contest is designed for Small or Medium contestants—larger contestants are not allowed, since they would have an unfair advantage). Once Nunzio lowers his flag, each
contestant determines Initiative by rolling a Perception check, then attempts to chop through their logs as detailed in their Strategy section.


The third tournament event is a test of boasting and
storytelling; it occurs on the fourth day. This is the
event the audience is anticipating the most, as it is
one of the most traditional events—it has occurred in
every Rushlight Tournament from the start, beating
out the Midnight Joust by a year for that honor. Much
speculation on the audacity and nature of the tales to
be shared during the boast make the rounds in the days
leading up to this event.
Contest Rules: For this event, a wooden platform
is built in the center of the Coliseum. In turn, each
contestant takes this stage and boasts to the audience of
one of their greatest accomplishments. The boast must last for 15 minutes and must consist of a beginning, a
middle, and an end. The contest requires the boaster
to take the Boast activity three consecutive times to
determine how well they tell their tale and how the
audience responds.