Ludos is the Just Games plane of existence that is a mirror of the Prime Material plane found in 5e publications. This means that it exists within the same universe and operates similarly.

In more technical terms, this campaign will generally operate with the “Core Assumptions” as stated in in Chapter 1 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide (DMG):

Core Assumptions

  • Gods Oversee the World

  • Much of the World is Untamed

  • The World is Ancient

  • Conflict Shapes the World’s History

  • The World is Magical

With this knowledge, spells and other game mechanics will work as they are published in the official hardcover resource books with some of the related history and lore being known in our campaign world.

However, the terrain will be different, some folks will look different (but numbers-wise work the same), and cultures will be customized.

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In the World of Ludos

Our stories take place in the world known as Ludos. The players will find themselves starting their adventuring careers in Flower Rock Village, found in the region of Monax’len. We have one yellow sun star and three moons that orbit us: Tyra, Libo, and Servu.


Monax’len is a sprawling landscape filled with tall mountains, deep valleys, as well as ponds and lakes created by glaciers. It has cold winter days and breezy summertimes. Its wild forests are teeming with creatures both big and small.

Flower Rock

The village of Flower Rock is split by the Generation River, but many bridges have been built to embrace its diversity. It is a place of hope and wonder, where magic can be found in the smallest flower. Divinity flows through the water that brings life to the folks of Flower Rock. Those that settle here are pioneers and the forests around them shelter beauty, mystery, danger, and delight.

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