High Kestrel Mariusz Wenjansk

Most High Kestrels face their fair share of challenges. Kajetan Wenjansk had to fortify his borders against raiders from House Jutmek. Remigiusz Wenjansk was confronted with a combination of famine and plague throughout his reign. High Kestral Mariusz Wenjansk (he/ him), however, has had to fight to keep his house from crumbling entirely.

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Like most High Kestrels, Mariusz inherited the title upon his father鈥檚 death. As the eldest son of an only child, Mariusz鈥檚 ascension was not in contention. His early rule saw the integration of the upland halflings into Wenjansk贸w鈥檚 farms, amendments to the Wenjansk Code, and thriving relations with the other great houses. Had Mariusz died prematurely, he would have been remembered as one of the greatest High Kestrels House Wenjansk had ever known, if only for the fortuitous circumstances of his reign. The sacking of Wenjansk贸w and subsequent dispersion called all of that into question.

Mariusz is no great genius. He is a man who places too much trust in his Lord Ratchets and too little in his vassals. Many common folk would die for High Kestrel Mariusz, but he mostly sees them as self-interested and fickle. It is well known that Mariusz is largely irreligious despite the fervor with which most of his subjects revere the Great Falcon, the Canny Harrier, and the All-Seeing Owl. He often acts rashly, and when he cannot make a decision, he is overly deferential to his Lord Ratchets, who frequently pursue ulterior motives. He drinks to excess, keeps a mistress, and plays a dangerous game by picking favorites among his children.

Nevertheless, High Kestrel Mariusz Wenjansk saved his people. None could have predicted the giants would cross Lake Nodolny, and Mariusz was quick to signal the retreat. He led his people into the unclaimed hills and found a new stronghold to call home. The future of House Wenjansk is not certain, but Mariusz has done everything he can to keep his people safe.

Despite his age, Mariusz still trains daily with his guard force. He is healthy and valorous, and when the giants approach his fort, he stands tall atop the ramparts. Many question whether Mariusz is the best role model, the wisest tactician, or the most adept politician, but all give him the credit he deserves. He is an incredible force, and House Wenjansk stands today because of his leadership. The histories will remember that.

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