The Wenjansk Heirs

High Kestrel Mariusz Wenjansk has three legitimate children, and at least one bastard. These four adult children all keep their chambers in the Severed Keep: three for protection, and one to protect.

For better or worse, these four noblemen have an outsized influence on life in Falthringor. In all likelihood, one will go on to become the next High Kestrel.

GM Note: Unless you plan on returning to Falthringor repeatedly throughout a lengthier campaign, the most compelling way to weave a succession plot into your narrative is to have Mariusz die one or two sessions after the party arrives. Give you players an overview of the politics of House Wenjansk, let them meet Mariusz, give them a quest or two, and then kill the High Kestrel in a giant attack, an assassination plot, or an alchemical accident. This will force your party’s hand. Can they help the house resolve their tricky politics before Falthringor succumbs to chaos?

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