Zosia Wenjansk

Mariusz’s firstborn takes after him. Zosia (she/her), age 27, is rowdy and spirited. Her father says that she “embodies the ideals of House Wenjansk,” but most in Falthringor just see her as a drunk. She is undeniably her father’s favorite child, and he has coddled her since birth. Though she is competent at sparring with staff, she has no formal combat training and only a baseline understanding of military tactics. She is as irreligious as her father—much to her mother’s dismay—and has studied no craft.

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Zosia believes that there is no question that she is the High Kestrel’s rightful heir. She is the firstborn, and to reject her for any purpose would seemingly fly in the face of the house’s recent insistence that all genders be treated equally. The position of High Kestrel is her birthright, and those who would deny it are either sexist or misled by dubious visions from the realm of spirits.

She has convinced herself she is enjoying her limited time unshackled by the responsibility of the throne. Yes, she may drink and make love to excess today, but only because she knows her rule will be different. No matter what her detractors say, Zosia cares about her house and her vassals, and she will see House Wenjansk protected.

The Lord Ratchets are split. Some dream of a High Kestrel Zosia, because it will mean they will have incredible sway. It’s not as though she will overrule the Lord Ratchet of Guilds or the Lord Ratchet of Fields. Then again, many fear that she will prove inept and ineffectual.

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