The Kitchen

The highest nobles of Falthringor are not expected to procure their own food, nor to cook for themselves. Breakfast is brought to each of their quarters, midday dinner spreads are provided in rooms throughout the castle (guild chambers and noble offices), and all of the nobles of Falthringor supper together in the great hall.

Preparing all of this food is a daunting task, especially given the discerning palates of Falthringor’s nobles and the limited menu of foodstuffs available in the Duscarn Range. In the lowlands, diets were exceptionally varied: fishermen brought in great hauls from Lake Nodolny, hunters captured big game across the plains, and farmers could harvest a wide array of fruits and vegetables. Atop Mt. Endryr, the options are comparatively meager. Most meals consist of tough root vegetables, yak cheese, roasted goat, and pungent teas in various combinations.

Making do with this bounded list of ingredients requires an impressive kitchen and exceptional chefs. Falthringor has both.

The cooking facilities in Falthringor are near to the bailey. Ovens and stoves have configurable vents that allow scents and steam to be directed toward the rest of the castle or dispensed out the chimney; likely a holdover from the days when bubbling alchemical elixirs released soothing vapors. Refrigeration generally is of little concern in the cool mountains, but it can be a challenge in the castle itself, warmed by the ambient steam from the unnaturally hot cistern. Luckily, a tunnel beneath the kitchen leads to a wind-chilled basement room that is disconnected from the thermal network that keeps the rest of the castle warm. Different chambers within this room are used for cooling, freezing, pickling, and jerking.

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