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Welcome to LegendKeeper

This page is your Project Home, the entry-point to your project. Return home by pressing the home button in the top toolbar.

Every LegendKeeper project is made up of 'elements'. Elements can be accessed and created from the Project Browser on the left. An element can represent anything, including a person, place, thing, event, a piece of lore, a chapter of a book, etc. They can contain any number of wiki page, map, or whiteboard tabs.

Here are some things you can do to quickly learn the basics.

  • Type / to find the command menu.This lets you format your text and create useful content blocks.
  • Create a new tab. Click the 'Add Tab' button that appears when you hover this page's title. From here, you can add a page, map, or board tab.
  • Create a new element. Click the Create button at the bottom of the sidebar on the left and select "Page", "Board", or "Map". You can also type /page.
  • Type @ to link to your new element. This helps you quickly create a connected world.
  • Find the extended options for elements. Press the Element Menu button with three dots in the top right corner. Here you can add tabs, adjust page layout, magically link pages with Auto-link, toggle pin clustering options for maps, and more.
  • Upload your first map. Add a map by pressing the 'Add Tab' button that appears when you hover this page's title, or click 'Create > Create Map' in the bottom left to make a new element. Click 'Add Map Image' on the new screen to select a map image.
  • Add your first map pin. Right click on a map and select Create Page/Map/Board, or drag an element from the Project Browser onto your map.
  • Type CMD + /(Mac) or CTRL + /(Windows) to find the help dialog from anywhere. You can also click the ? in the bottom right corner to discover more help options.
  • 2d6 for dice rolls