Shadepelt's Fort

Erected in haste near the end of the Gravetide Conflict, Shadepelt’s Fort seemed to develop its own strange inertia and stands strong to this day. The band of mercenaries who initially built it remain at its center, but many other vagabonds, bards, and lost soldiers continue to find their way their and build upon it.

The original Shadepelt is long dead of course, but the current leader of the fort always takes on the name - a gesture of honor towards the infamous bandit king.

When asked about his seemingly bottomless patience for this unofficial town within his domain, Nerezza Moonstone replied:

Yes it’s true: Shadepelt’s Fort is home to some of the most raucious and unruly soldiers I’ve ever met in my thousands of years overseeing the Southern Reaches. But it is their enduring bond to their shared home that helps protect us from the true evils that lurk at the edges of civilization. I would trust them with my life.

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