Moonlight Bazaar

A haphazard collection of huts and dirt paths that seem to move locations every day, the Moonlight Bazaar is the place adventurers can buy anything the region has to offer that the Moonlight Priests will sanction - and a few things that they won’t.

The Bazaar is a place of commerce, and while the merchants from the surrounding regions are polite and civil, they are ever watchful of one another. There is a certain amount of jostling and trying to get the best prices for one's wares, and the occasional scuffle will break out, breaking up into a general brawl that is quickly quelled by the guards.

The guards are employed by the Moonlight priesthood, and enjoy the same courtesies offered to the priests themselves. You will find far fewer guards here than you would in the bustling markets of other cities. The place manages to run smoothly and peacefully almost entirely on its own – a benefit of the population’s respect for High Priest Nerezza Moonstone and his priesthood.

Things you might see at the Moonlight Bazaar

Roll 1d12 to add some flavor to your party’s journey through the Bazaar.


Moonlight Priest, spreading the gospel of Sel.


Small stand displaying an Alchemist's Draught.


Pair of guards, playing a game with custom dice. The dice have moon phases inscribed on them.


Sailmaker loudly advertising their services.


Cartographer with several local maps and sea charts for sale.


Soup stand claiming to have a seasquid chowder better than the famous recipe at The Lumpy Kingfisher


Disgruntled man wearing a sign accusing the Moonlight Priesthood of falsehoods and assorted crimes.


Statue of Sel draped in scarves and flowers.


Fortune-teller stand, with moon phase patterning similar to the robes of the Moonlight priests.


Group of children listening to an engaging astronomy lecture.


Herbalist stand with regional plants and a few exotic imports.


Brom Loudlegs haggling over the price of transport for a potential client.

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