Avon Ridge

With it’s close proximity to the Moonlight Citadel, Avon Ridge has become an essential part of the Moonlight Priesthood’s day to day life. Many essential materials are brought in by one of the ports and then processed here for use at the Citadel.

Any talented craftsperson can be guaranteed a stable living and protection when setting up shop in Avon Ridge. It’s a place you can settle down and build a life, even in times of turmoil. In addition to goods and services, Avon Ridge has become a sort of nursery for the priesthood. Many of its male citizens grow up with the teachings of Sel ringing in their ears, eventually going on to become priests themselves.

Because of the symbiotic relationship between them, Avon Ridge and the Moonlight Citadel have enjoyed faster economic development than most of the other locations around the southern regions.

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