Lilith Nightsong

The Vicious Bard. The Mother of Worms. The 6th Dark Chord.

Much has been said of Lilith Nightsong but not much confirmed. Wherever she goes, she seeks to dominate and gain power through her black magic and charisma. She is a bard of unsurpassed talent who has learned much of the necromantic and psionic arts. With long raven hair and red vampiric eyes she cuts a striking figure, though she prefers to act through proxies and useful idiots, biding her time in the shadows.

Lilith has the grandest ambitions, reaching towards the heights that only bards and great poets might imagine. She seeks to replace The Hollow Emperor as the one true ruler of Selenia.

Her plans are inspired yet patient. The first phase will have her disrupt the stability of the southern regions by targeting the Moonlight Priests using a unique magic artifact. These plans are detailed in Quest: Nerezza's Jagged Crown.

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