The Torrent Opus

Atop Falthringor’s highest tower, an arcane engine wrests moisture from the heavens. This torrent opus was one of the great alchemical achievements of the ancient Duscarn. With their unrivaled mastery of material sciences, the Duscarn were able to harvest endless quantities of impossibly pure water, store it, and then use it to farm even in the harsh landscape of their mountainous home.

When House Wenjansk arrived in Falthringor, the torrent opus was inactive. It is unclear whether some creature—perhaps one of the last Duscarn Giants to inhabit the stronghold—turned it off or whether some failsafe prohibits the alchemical engine from running perpetually. Regardless, it was trivially easy to reactivate, requiring only a twist of some gears at the base of the tower.

Now the torrent opus provides unlimited fresh water for the stronghold, and aqueducts built into the mountainside disperse the water to farms along the craggy slopes. Farming Mt. Endryr is still a challenge, given the harshness of the soil and the bitter cold, but it is possible to reap impressive harvests with the warm and cleansing water emitted from Falthringor’s great tower.

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