The Slopes

Falthringor was not large enough for the initial band of travelers that escaped Wenjansków, and it certainly isn’t large enough for today’s burgeoning population. As such, many of House Wenjansk’s vassals farm the slopes beneath Falthringor. It is still frigid this high above sea level, but agriculture is possible. Yaks and goats can survive if they eat grasses that are cleansed with water from the torrent opus, and hardy tubers thrive if given adequate care and irrigation.

Even with the alchemical aid that Falthringor provides, life in the mountains is a challenge. The torrent opus may neutralize the tainted soil, but farming on a windswept mountain is still no easy feat. Farmers must be careful when burning what sickly wood grows in the Duscarn Range lest they inhale too many noxious fumes from the contaminated timber. House Wenjansk believes this danger will diminish as they continue to irrigate Mt. Endryr with pure water.

Those outside Falthringor’s walls must always be prepared to confront giants. Soldiers are deployed as necessary, but the farmers who live in the tiny mountainside hamlets know that every archer or spearman has orders to retreat into the castle if necessary. Those on the slopes know they are better off looking to the spirits for protection than the errant soldiers that House Wenjansk deploys.

Luckily, the Duscarn Giants have thus far opted not to undermine Falthringor’s food production with targeted attacks on outer farms. Their formal raids solely target the stronghold itself. It is unclear whether this is purely a tactical blunder or whether the Duscarn Giants have some deeper reason for ignoring what would seem to be the optimal siege tactic.