Adok Wenjansk

Lady Sylwia gave Mariusz one son. In generations past, Adok (he/him), age 24, would have been the obvious choice for High Kestrel. Of course, Mariusz has made a point of ensuring that women are treated equally, and thus Adok’s claim is in question. This troubles him little. Adok has no aspirations to take his father’s throne. He has taken a wife, Brygida, who lives in a hamlet on the slopes. Though Adok maintains quarters in the Severed Keep, he spends most of his time with Brygida and their newborn in a humble farmhouse.

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Unless a child of House Wenjansk is named Lord Ratchet or High Kestrel, there are no codified expectations for them. They can marry, join the priesthood, or pledge a guild. As such, Adok is not explicitly forsaking his family by pursuing a simple life, though many see it that way.

Unsurprisingly, many common folk adore Adok. They see him as a man of the people. Many farmers have also yet to embrace the progressive views that the Wenjansk Code now endorses. They want a man on the throne, and they can think of no one better than humble Adok.

Few Lord Ratchets are fond of Adok, but the clergy overwhelmingly endorse him. All seven High Priests claim to have received visions of the Great Falcon selecting Adok as the rightful successor. Are they telling the truth? Or are the priests—many of whom have traditional views on gender and power—using their reputation and influence to ensure House Wenjansk stays male-led?

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