Kalina Wenjansk

As Zosia took after her father, Kalina (she/her), age 23, took after her mother. She is pious, quiet, and resolute. After an injury left her without the use of her legs, Kalina became doubly-committed to being useful to her family. She apprenticed under master seamstress Chaçêr-Sto, a renowned craftsman among the giants, and began to stitch tapestries outlining the history of House Wenjansk.

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Unlike her siblings, Kalina is well studied. She spent years of her adolescence shadowing many of her father’s Lord Ratchets, learning much of agriculture, economics, military strategy, and statecraft. When she shares her opinions on matters of public importance, however, her father rarely listens. This has reinforced her shyness. Presently, she spends most of her time with Chaçêr-Sto in quiet work in the upper floors of the Severed Keep.

Until recently, she had never considered the position of High Kestrel. However, some of the Lord Ratchets have decided to back Kalina. She worked directly with many of these political advisors, and they know her as strong-willed, well educated, and deft at handling social conflicts despite her shyness. Kalina is still debating whether this might be a calling she could embrace. She certainly understands the ins and outs of government better than her siblings, but she doubts whether House Wenjansk’s vassals will accept a third-born child, a non-amublatory woman, as their leader. For now, she looks to the All-Seeing Owl for guidance.

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