The Spirit Nest

If the Duscarn had built a chapel of some sort within Falthringor’s walls, it is not at all clear where that may have been. Little is known of the Duscarn’s faith, though many suppose that their alchemical hubris led them to believe they were their own gods—blasphemy in the eyes of House Wenjansk.

In either case, most chambers in Falthringor serve a similar purpose today to what may have been their original function. The present great hall was almost certainly a grand meeting place in the original castle, the Severed Keep a last-resort bastion, etc. As there was no appropriate place of worship, House Wenjansk saw fit to build the Spirit Nest.

This cantilevered chapel was a grand undertaking. An entire chamber dangling over the edge of a cliff face was hardly within the realm of possibility in the flat lowlands of Wenjansków. Nevertheless, the priests, masons, and Lord Ratchets trusted in the guidance of their bestial spirits. As far as anyone can tell, the Spirit Nest is structurally sound.

This chapel is of great importance to House Wenjansk. Its completion felt like a turning point for the great house, when their occupancy in Falthingor transformed from exile to dominion. This chapel is a symbol not just of the bird spirits that it venerates, but also of the resilience of House Wenjansk and its vassals.

Within, priests commune with the spirits, offer benedictions and guidance, and administer sacred rites.

Wenjansk Spiritual Practices

There is no name for the religion of House Wenjansk. All the great houses of the lowlands practice a similar faith. Each communes with bestial spirits, seeking both guidance and the exceptional traits of the animal kingdom. While each house assigns primacy to a different set of spirits, each follows similar customs. As such, House Wenjansk has never felt a need to put a name to this practice. There is only “having faith” or being irreligious.

The highest form of worship is the ability to commune directly with the three primary spirits: the Great Falcon, Canny Harrier, and All-Seeing Owl. Such a connection occurs at seemingly random intervals. A follower of the faith will be going about their day when suddenly they are thrust into the realm of spirits, traveling alongside one of the bestial guides. This ethereal escort will impart some nugget of insight or prophecy, sometimes practical and straightforward, sometimes cryptic.

Common wisdom suggests that only the most devout should be able to commune with the spirits, but there is ample evidence to suggest this is not the case. Seemingly anyone might enter a psychic trance, find themselves briefly intersecting with the realm of spirits, and then just as quickly return to the physical world. The seven High Priests perform elaborate ceremonies in an effort to encourage these trances, but it is unproven whether the frequency of visitations can be influenced in any capacity.

There is no expectation that the priests will be in regular communication with the spirits, but rather that they will help to interpret the visions of others. Children are frequently the recipients of guidance from the All-Seeing Owl in particular, and the sage guidance of this beast is often enigmatic at best

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