Ikreepulk the Turncoat

Most of the giants living in Falthringor were nomads wandering the Duscarn Range prior to seeking asylum within the castle walls. They were completely unaffiliated with the comparatively organized force that sailed across Lake Nodolny to destroy Wenjansków. In the eyes of the High Kestrel and the Lord Ratchets, they are free from blame, and they ought to be welcomed into the castle with open arms. Ikreepulk (he/him) is an exception.

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Ikreepulk killed lowlanders. Ten years ago, he leapt out of his longship and slew dozens during the attack on Wenjansków. He chased House Wenjansk into the Duscarn Range and continued to fight for years. Then, in a strange twist, he was captured. For the first time, the spearmen were able to take a Duscarn Giant alive, imprison him, and then interrogate him.

At first, Ikreepulk divulged little. However, the lowlanders did not resort to torture. They spoke with him plainly, explaining their situation. The High Priests provided guidance. Guildmasters offered to teach him a craft. The High Kestrel himself spoke of House Wenjansk’s storied history and lamented what they had lost. Eventually, Ikreepulk began to see the world through the eyes of the lowlanders. These were not a people who deserved to die. They were kind, and they listened.

The High Kestrel offered the captive a deal: if Ikreepulk told the Lord Ratchets where the Duscarn Giants assembled, Ikreepulk would become the first of House Wenjansk’s enemies to be offered clemency. He could live in Falthringor as any other giant might, with the full protections that affords. Ikreepulk accepted.