The Ramparts

Falthringor’s ramparts wrap around the entire fortress. They are off-limits to all but the archers, though that rule is rarely enforced. Lord Ratchets enjoy taking meetings while strolling atop the outer walls, especially when they want to be seen doing so. If a Lord Ratchet seeks to speak with the adventurers, they may ask to do so atop the castle walls so that the commoners and spearmen in the bailey will see that they are exchanging words with the impressive outsiders.

The rope bridges that connect the outer wall of the main castle to that of the Severed Keep can be easily detached. This is useful when the people of Falthringor opt to make their final stand from the Severed Keep, but it can also be used against them. If these bridges are disconnected at the start of a raid, the archers will have trouble traversing the walls. They will have to either march across the drawbridge to access the rest of the ramparts, or else clumsily reattach the rope bridge.

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Rampart Encounters



Giant in the distance

A lone giant approaches through the snows. Is he an enemy combatant or a refugee? Is it worth investigating, or should the party call an archer to fire now?


Surreptitious plotting

Lord Ratchet Feliks meets with High Priestess Henryka. They hush as the party approaches, though it is clear they are whispering of Zosia Wenjansk, the heir apparent.


Spirit trio

Three birds land on the parapet: a falcon, a harrier, and an owl. They are unmistakably emissaries from the realm of spirits. They telepathically call on the adventurers to follow them across the mountains.


Jutmek arrows

A great force from battle-hungry House Jutmek is attacking Falthringor. An opening volley of arrows signals their approach. The castle must prepare to defend itself.


Mariusz Contemplates

The High Kestrel himself paces along the rampart sipping spiced vodka. Something weighs heavy on his mind. He may enjoy sharing his thoughts with an outsider.


An unlikely archer

Waltraud, an upland halfling, strings up his shortbow. The poor kid desperately wants to join House Wenjansk’s archers, but they don’t allow halflings into their ranks. He’s not even supposed to be up on the ramparts.


A likely assassin

A cloaked figure—likely an elf—quietly sneaks toward the Severed Keep. He seems to be holding a dagger. An assassination attempt would never look this obvious… right?


Archery training

Lord Ratchet Lubomir leads archery training atop the fortress’s walls. Whoever can hit the furthest target will win his helm, a masterpiece of craftsmanship

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