Lord Ratchet Lubomir Cziblik

Technically, Lubomir Cziblik (he/him), age 28, is Mariusz’s firstborn. Unfortunately for him, he’s a bastard. Marisuz is an honorable man, though. He may not have legitimized the boy, but he has been a proper father figure throughout Lubomir’s life. Lubomir studied under the best tutors, trained in well-appointed facilities, and never wanted for money. Soon after arriving in Falthringor, Mariusz named Lubomir Lord Ratchet of the archers.

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Some would argue that Lubomir is the second most powerful person in Falthringor. He leads the strongest force in the castle, and his orders may just determine whether the stronghold stands or falls. He has the blessings of his father, and though he does not bear the Wenjansk name, his parentage is an open secret.

Lubomir is tough. He is a callous sergeant with little empathy for those who fall short of his expectations. As he sees it, the bowmen of Falthringor keep everyone else alive, and so there is no wiggle room for mediocrity. Though he is stern, he is not known for other vices. He does not drink, he prays regularly, and he has pledged not to take a wife until the Duscarn Giants are defeated. This last point is strange. Chastity is no sacred virtue in the Wenjansk Code. It seems that Lubomir seems to be implying that he’ll give the war his full attention, but others have questioned whether this may just be a way to deflect his distaste for women until a later date.

As it stands, there is no chance Lubomir will become High Kestrel. To crown a bastard when the current leader has legitimate heirs is simply unheard of. However, the future is not written in stone. Mariusz could legitimize Lubomir by wedding his mother, Lady Snežana Cziblik. Zosia, Adok, and Kalina could die or get captured by giants. Hell, there could be a military coup. Lubomir commands archers. Could he conquer Falthringor from within? Would he want to?

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