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Introducing LegendKeeper

LegendKeeper makes it easy to build immersive worlds for stories and RPG campaigns.
Write your way with a powerful rich text editor and free-form wiki.
Build a sprawling atlas for your world by pinning articles and nesting maps.
Share it with friends using access control and real-time editing.

Elevate your world-building

LegendKeeper's Wiki and Atlas work together to create the ultimate visual reference for your setting.
Record the history of a realm, a character backstory, or an unexpected plot twist.
From a vast galaxy to a dark dungeon, link your maps together and cover them with interesting places.

The ultimate toolkit for world-builders

Use on-the-fly article creation and templates to easily expand your evolving world.
The editor recognizes familiar names in your articles and automatically creates links.
Massive Maps
Our map organization system supports infinite nesting and huge 14K pixel images.
Rich Text Editing
Format your articles with tabs, layouts, headings, and tables. No more tedious form-fillling!
Real-Time Collaboration
Real-time editing makes for a seamless sharing experience.
Modular Properties
Customize your articles' info boxes with modular properties like tags, images, and more.

Chart unknown worlds

Fill every corner of your world with interesting people, places, and treasures.
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Why our users love LegendKeeper

"LegendKeeper is legitimately a no brainer for my creative process. No one has put all of the pieces together so elegantly, and made something as fun to build with."
Derek Rawlings, Game Master
"I run several RPGs within LegendKeeper, from Fantasy to Cyberpunk, with my podcast and the greater community. We share creative control while keeping GM notes hidden till the big reveal."
David, High Shelf Gaming Podcast
"This app is incredibly important to my creative process now. It's getting really hard to write in anything else."
Eoin Bathurst, Creator
"It makes it so stinkin’ easy to just write and keep writing."
Xan Farley, Game Developer

Become a master game-master

Never miss a beat at the game table—every location, character, and item is at your fingertips.
Full-text search means every piece of lore is only a few keystrokes away.
Use hidden articles and Secrets to unveil a world full of interesting characters and history.


Is LegendKeeper just for fantasy RPGs?
You can use LegendKeeper to organize any type of creative project! Our users have created sci-fi campaigns, planned epic novels, organized LARPs, and scaffolded open-world games.
Why is this a beta?
LegendKeeper's Atlas and Wiki features are awesome, but there's plenty to improve and more features to come! Think timelines, relationship graphs, and procedural generation.
Is my data safe?
LegendKeeper uses state-of-the-art databases with daily backups, and you can export your entire wiki as HTML or JSON whenever you want. We'll never put export features behind a paywall—your content is yours!
Is my project private?
All LegendKeeper projects are completely private—only users you invite can see what you make. Invite your party and use access controls and Secrets to plan the big reveal.
Is LegendKeeper a virtual tabletop?
LegendKeeper is intended as a creative writing tool and world-building reference. It's a great companion at the writing desk or game table, but is not a virtual tabletop like FoundryVTT or Roll20.
Does LegendKeeper work offline?
The next major update introduces full offline support and Mac and Windows apps! Follow us on Patreon for more information.
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Meet the team


Co-founder, code-lord, and caffeine elemental. Braden created LegendKeeper because being a game-master was too dang hard!

Co-founder, design-lord, and dachshund tamer. Justin joined LegendKeeper to bring delightful user experiences to the RPG world.

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