Frequently Asked Questions

How much will LegendKeeper cost when it comes out of beta?

We have currently settled on one monthly price for LegendKeeper. We don't expect that to change too much when version 1 launches.

Is there pre-made content I can use for LegendKeeper, like the 5E SRD or dungeon maps?

Not yet, but LK was built from the ground up with this functionality in mind. Stay tuned!

Will LegendKeeper be a subscription service?

Yes; you can see more details on our pricing page.

LK was built to be an online RPG collaboration and distribution platform, which means centralized servers, ongoing costs, and continued support by a multi-member team.

Will LegendKeeper work on mobile?

LK is not technically mobile-ready yet, but some people have had some luck with tablets. We're excited to implement a more mobile friendly UI in the near future.

How can I help out with LegendKeeper?

The best thing you can do is spread the word to your friends that are interested in storytelling and tabletop games! Alternatively, become well-versed in LegendKeeper's workflow and join our Discord to help newcomers with worldbuilding tips!

When will XYZ feature come out?

Keep in mind, Team LegendKeeper is tiny! It's a three-person operation with a single developer, which means things will take time. We generally don't give ETAs, because they will inevitably be wrong. We like to think we move pretty fast though :P

You seem to be fielding a lot of feature requests on the Discord; will LegendKeeper suffer from feature creep?

Reading feature requests from users is a great way to get a pulse on LegendKeeper's audience and get inspired for the future. That being said, it is unlikely that a feature request will change my immediate roadmap. I want LegendKeeper to be powerful, but simple and easy-to-use.  I don't think a large amount of features is the answer; I think a tight set of effective tools in a well-thought-out workflow is what will set LegendKeeper apart. The community has recommended some pretty brilliant things for the far future, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there!

Will LegendKeeper have a public API?

We'd love to do this, especially to integrate with some of the amazing tools starting to appear in the RPG space. That being said, a public API is a big commitment and not something to be taken lightly. We'd like to do it, but it'll take time and a solid strategy!

Will you be open-sourcing LegendKeeper or making it self-hostable?

There are no plans for this at this time.

What happened to the Generators from earlier in the beta?

Generators have been hidden for the time being. They were super-experimental and were holding back some of our UI development. They will be coming back in a big way soon, though.

Is LegendKeeper just for fantasy RPGs?

You can use LegendKeeper to organize any type of creative project! Our users have created sci-fi campaigns, planned epic novels, organized LARPs, and scaffolded open-world games.

Why is this a beta?

LegendKeeper's Atlas and Wiki features are awesome, but there's even more to come! Think timelines, calendars, relationship graphs, and procedural generation.

Is my data safe?

LegendKeeper uses state-of-the-art databases with daily backups, and you can export your entire wiki as HTML or JSON whenever you want. We'll never put export features behind a paywall—your content is yours!

Is my project private?

All LegendKeeper projects are completely private—only users you invite can see what you make. Invite your friends and party members, and use access controls and Secrets to slowly reveal juicy lore.

Is LegendKeeper a virtual tabletop?

LegendKeeper is intended as a creative writing tool and world-building reference. LegendKeeper is a great companion at the writing desk or game table, but is not a virtual tabletop like FoundryVTT or Roll20.

Does LegendKeeper work offline?

Yes, it does! You can edit your wiki and atlas while offline, and the changes will sync up when you reconnect.

Any other questions?

Please feel free to contact us.