Meet the team building LegendKeeper.

  • Braden Herndon

    Braden Herndon

    Co-Founder / Dev

    Braden created LegendKeeper because being a Game Master was too dang hard!

    Built a CRDT-powered sync layer for LegendKeeper that supports local-first real-time collaboration and offline support for millions of documents.

  • Justin Bonnet

    Justin Bonnet

    Co-Founder / Design

    Justin joined LegendKeeper to bring delightful user experiences to the RPG world.

    Product Design Lead for Innovation Team at Match Group. Creative direction and artwork for multiple Monstercat artist releases. Experiments in AR, VR, and web3.

  • Adam Waselnuk

    Adam Waselnuk

    Co-Founder / Growth

    Adam joined LegendKeeper to bring more stories to the world.

    Founder of Sword & Source, creating content and apps for the TTRPG community. Former UX and Engineering Leader at Shopify.

  • Discord logo

    Mods & Testers


    Special thanks to Alan & Abbey for moderating our Discord, and Team Hydra Slayers for testing our experimental builds.