Browse the complete list of features available in the LegendKeeper Beta. Take a sneak peak at our Planned Features, and join us to help build the future of LegendKeeper!

Current Features

The following tables summarize the current set of features in LegendKeeper.


Private by default. Invite people to your world when you are ready to share.
Real-time collaboration. Edit the same document at the same time as collaborators and see their cursor!
Share your work on public URLs, whenever you choose. Your worlds will remain private by default.
Granular permissions and secrets. Make sure players only see the information you want them to see, when you want them to see it.
Offline support.** Keep worldbuilding even when you don't have an internet connection.
No limits on storage. Use as many maps and images as your world requires.
No limits on creation. Create as many projects as you want.
Full-text search. Find anything instantly.
Dark Mode. Write for hours without straining your eyeballs.
Export. Your data belongs to you and you alone.

Wiki and Editor

A robust wiki with infinite page nesting. Architect your world the way that works for you.
Intuitive rich-text editing focused on the writing experience.Format your content as you write and never fill out tedious forms again. The editor includes layouts, tables, and much more.
Auto-linking pages. Click a single button to generate links between pages that you might not have noticed while writing your first draft.
Page Templates. Keep page designs you want to use everywhere in your templates folder, then instantly apply them to any new page. Visit Templatelandia in our Discord Community to see what others have created.
Wiki shortcuts. Drag and drop to create shortcuts to any part of your wiki.
Add tags, featured images, and other properties to every page.
Slash commands. Access all the editing features without ever moving your hands off the keyboard. Just type /.
Rapid creation tools. Use Create Page, @-mentions, Cut-to-New-Page, Page Templates, and Auto-linking to create worlds at the speed of thought.


Upload massive maps (up to 14K pixels and 100mb). Connect them to your wiki articles, and enjoy visually exploring your world.
Create pins on your maps with customizable icons, colors, and border styles.
Nest maps just as you nest wiki articles. Easily navigate from world to region to town to dungeon.
Visibility controls. Filter map pins by tags to find what you are looking for. Click on pin names to pan to that location. Hide map pins from players.
Rapid creation tools. Create new wiki pages straight from the map.
Complimentary Map Starter Pack from top cartographers. Start pinning right away!


Collaborative worldbuilding whiteboards. Sketch anything on the canvas with your project members.
Page Cards and Board Cards to link to your world. Our unique card types connect Boards to the rest of your project.
Intuitive whiteboarding features with countless uses. Flow charts, DM Screens, Pointcrawls... whatever you can dream.

Asset Library

Upload your maps and images all in one place and organize them by folders.
Complimentary Map Starter Pack from top cartographers.
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** Offline mode: Image and map uploads require connection to the internet, but you can attach maps and images that you've already uploaded to your wiki. LegendKeeper loads in your web browser, storing its client code in your browser so it can load while offline. There is no standalone app download. Offline mode does not work in private browsing or incognito mode. Offline changes are lost if you clear your browsing data before syncing your changes with the server. LegendKeeper stores changes to your wiki and atlas in your browser's local storage. If you are offline, it holds onto these changes, and then syncs them when you return online. This works even if multiple users are editing different things offline; it gracefully merges the data as users come back online.

Planned Features

Many of these features will come to fruition over the coming year. We consider several of them essential pieces to move from Beta towards Version 1.0.

Interactive Timeline for any calendar system you can dream up.Connect timelines to the Atlas and Wiki.
LK Community Marketplace. Browse Templates and content created by other LegendKeeper users and easily bring them into your own projects.
Atlas improvements: Layers, Region Drawing, Pin Grouping, Tokens, Fog of War, and Text Annotations.
Mobile support. LegendKeeper will be a pleasure to use on any screen size.
Procedural generation tools.
Access to more useful content. Map packs, art assets, and anything else to help you bring your worlds to life.
Support for audio, video, and other rich embedded media types.

** Planned features: This table reflects our plans as of today, based on what our users are telling us and what we have learned about worldbuilding. There is no guarantee we will not change our roadmap as we learn more. We are constantly listening to what our users have to say, teaching ourselves more about worldbuilding, and adjusting our plans accordingly.

LegendKeeper Open Beta

LegendKeeper is currently in Open Beta. This means that we believe certain core features needed to fulfill our vision are still missing. You can see some of them listed in the Planned Features table above.

With that being said, we believe that the current state of LegendKeeper is polished and stable enough to provide the best quality worldbuilding solution that exists today. We hope you will join us and help us shape the roadmap over the coming years.

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Free for 14 days. No credit card required.