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LegendKeeper Boards

Hey, it's a new flagship feature! You can find our announcement post here. The announcement post has lots of visuals and offers workflow ideas and inspiration.

This feature is ENORMOUS (and we're still in beta ;P). As with previous 0.X.0.0 releases, expect bugs and performance issues that will be sorted out in updates to follow.

Build Notes

Added new flagship feature, Boards, a collaborative worldbuilding whiteboard.

  • Whiteboard with collaborative editing and offline support (like all other LegendKeeper features).
  • Colored multiplayer cursors and selection states.
  • Added ability to place "Page Cards" that link to wiki pages. Choose small, medium, or large sizes for great visual variety.
  • Added ability to place "Board Cards" that link to other Boards.
  • Visibility controls (i.e., hide/show from players) and permissions.
  • Board management so you can make lots of boards and find them again.
  • Arrow tool for connecting shapes and making dynamic flow charts.
  • Essential whiteboard drawing tools such as shapes, text, freeform drawing, and sticky notes.
  • Positioning tools for quick alignment and layout.
  • A snappable grid you can toggle on and off.
  • Adobe Illustrator style hotkeys for a fast and familiar editing experience.
  • Boards have been added to the name index and can be found in search and @-mentions.

Planned Additions

A lot. The surface area of this feature is huge, and it will evolve alongside LegendKeeper's other core features for years to come. Some notable additions are an overhauled UI, images, other interactive widgets, better performance, full-text-search indexing for boards, "Mentioned In" detection, and the many ideas our community will produce! 💪

Known Issues.

Several of these issues are somewhat urgent and will be addressed ASAP.

  • No help section for Boards in the Help Center.
  • Large boards cause UI jank the first time they are opened. We need to move board data processing to a separate thread.
  • Degraded performance on boards with many items, especially those with many wiki page cards. Need to address wasteful rendering calls in UI pipeline.
  • Keyboard shortcuts sometimes stop working.
  • No arrow-binding indicators for wiki page cards.
  • A handful of awkward or unexpected tool interactions.
  • "Show Grid" option (Cmd + Shift + G) does not have a button in the UI anywhere.
  • Some of the Boards UI elements trap focus and interfere with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Would be nice if we could navigate to maps from boards.
  • Multiplayer selection state for rotated shapes isn't rotated as well.

We can't wait to see what you'll build. ❤️


Written by Braden Herndon

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