LegendKeeper Important fix for Boards

  • Improved load time and disk-size accumulation for boards.

If you've been experiencing long first-load times for boards, this fix will be of interest to you. The quick-and-dirty method that LK used for saving Boards pre- causes redundant data to get saved over and over, bloating a board's file with every edit.

The new saving method in results in smaller Board sizes and a slower increase in load time as changes accumulate.

If you already have a board with an unpleasantly long first-load time, you can remedy this with the following steps. (You don't need to do this if you are happy with your board load time.)

  • Make sure you're using LegendKeeper by checking the version in the help menu in the bottom right. Shift + Refresh to force update.
  • use Ctrl/Cmd + A or drag your mouse to select every shape on the desired board.
  • Use Ctrl/Cmd + C or Right-click -> Copy, to copy the board's contents to your clipboard.
  • Create a new board.
  • Use Ctrl/Cmd + V, or Right-click -> Paste, to paste the old board's contents into the new board.

TL;DR: If your board's load time is too long, copy-paste its content into a new board.

You now have a replacement board that loads faster and behaves properly as it is edited. You can delete the old board. Apologies for the inconvenience!

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