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This patch modifies LK's infrastructure to support our switch from closed to open beta.

If you already have an account through Patreon (i.e., you have an account created before today) these changes don't apply to you. No action is required.

We'll be providing a migration path for Patreon users and our price guarantee plan in the coming weeks. This post covers more of the technical details of the change; we've got a big announcement for this coming soon.

  • Overhauled login, replacing email link login with one-time password login. It's similar but should make logging in with the help of your phone or other devices more accessible.
  • New billing system to support taking payments directly.
  • Added checkout and billing management screens.
  • Closed beta account creation through Patreon has been disabled.
  • Added a sign-up screen where users can start a 14-day free trial.
  • (Only applies to accounts created after January 13th, 2022.) Projects now become owner-read-only when the owning user does not have a trialing or active subscription.
  • Various style tweaks and new UI components related to billing management.

This is a huge milestone that this changelog undersells a bit; big flowery announcement coming soon! ☺️

Written by Braden Herndon

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