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LegendKeeper 0.7.4: Full wiki export

Project owners can now export an entire wiki as HTML or JSON. This is an evolving feature and will be improved over time with better formatting and block support. Not all editor formatting and blocks are supported at this time. Future versions of export will include your project's images and other stuff.

HTML Export creates a directory of all of your documents, a main index.html file, a CSS file, and a small Javascript file. You can use HTML export to make backups of your project, or you can host the export as a static site and customize the HTML, CSS, and Javascript to your liking. All linking functionality is preserved, so you can even navigate around your project.

JSON export creates a directory of JSON files representing the state of your wiki. If you're tech-savvy, you can use your project JSON in other applications. We'll be adding a single-file version of JSON export in the future, but for now you'll need to manipulate the files yourself. The JSON schema is subject to change and will have fields added to it as we iterate.

For those of you with mega-huge projects, I'd love to see how the export works for you. I tested with Sharedlandia, which is pretty big, but probably doesn't push the limits of the system. At some point, I'll take a look at Atlas export, though that's more complicated. I figured it was critical that wiki export get out ASAP so that you all can have full control of your data.

Up next: Bug fixes and templates

Written by Braden Herndon

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