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Hey, I forgot to mention in the last patch notes! You can quickly create new sub-pages by surrounding text with [[brackets]]. I haven't put a length limit on this yet so... be careful :P

Patch Notes

Fixed sub-templates, they were accidentally disabled

Added checkbox to make sub-templates optional during page creation.

Increased search result limit to 20 (up from 10).

Fixed @mentions being skipped by search indexer. *

Fixed bug causing cyrillic and other language symbols to not be search indexed. *

Symbols with diacritics are now normalized into their simplest character form when searched and indexed. *

Fixed bug preventing project from being opened after migration (only 1 known occurrence) **

Thanks for your support this week, everyone! I'm aware of the issue with embedded images; I've been pulling 14 hour days all week and I need to take care of life chores tomorrow, so I probably won't get to the image bugs until Monday. I'll be traveling over the weekend.

* Changes to search index require you to rebuild your local search index to take effect. Clicking the button shown below will cause your search index to be rebuilt in the background; the time required varies depending on size of project. The global search box tells you if it's currently indexing. You can close your browser and the indexing will resume when you come back.

** This change requires you to reset local data. Only one known affected user, so you probably don't need to do this :)

Written by Braden Herndon

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