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LegendKeeper, hotfix

  • Fix race condition causing pages made via duplicate or template to not sync their text content until directly edited. Once they were edited once or twice, they then re-synced, so the impact scope of this bug was hopefully low.

Hey folks, tonight I discovered a bug that impacted pages created via templates or duplication after May 31, 2021 at 12:17:03 AM CDT, when the bug was introduced. Luckily, this usually fixed itself shortly after occurring, but I didn't know that at the time of the last announcement.

When a page was created with content already in it, via a template or duplicate, there was a good chance it would next go into a desynchronized state, failing to sync with the server. After being edited once or twice, it would then resynchronize. So as far as data loss goes, this had a fairly minimal impact. You'd have to delete your cache during this window. It's also likely that you edited your article after creating it, thereby resyncing it shortly, and if you didn't, it came from a recent duplication or template so the loss would be annoying but not totally unrecoverable by definition.

If you want to be extra sure everything's peachy, you can go to any text documents you created via template or duplicate after May 31st and give the article text a nudge with a little edit. A space and then backspace, a period, anything. This will mark them as updated and force LK to sync them again in the next sync cycle (which occurs every 30 seconds), just in case. I'll be doing some work in the near future to add more in-app communication for sync status.

Anyways, sorry for the last spooky update. With so many people online and working on their LK projects, I figured it was best to favor caution until I could figure out the scope and exact conditions of the bug. I clear my cache A LOT while using LK for testing purposes (literally every 15 seconds or so, helps me find sync issues), so on my end it looked like it could be a major issue, but luckily it was fairly minor. Apologies for any disruption.

Written by Braden Herndon

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