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Changes to the LK Team

Last summer, Adam (creator of Here Be Taverns!) and I found we shared a common vision: we wanted to unleash the creative potential of every worldbuilder. He, Justin, and I hit it off and decided to join forces: Adam joined Team LK to work on growth and marketing. The mission was simple: Grow LK enough to support the three of us full-time before anyone’s savings ran out. By our measures, we had about a year to get this done.

The last 9 months, with Adam’s expert help, we’ve been rolling out awesome stuff: Newsletters, free trials, boards, blog posts, bestiaries, ads, social media, the works! While LegendKeeper is growing significantly, we still aren’t on track to meet the goal we set in August to keep Adam on full-time.

On our current track, Adam’s savings will run out in the next few months, so we needed to take action. We had a choice: Raise money from external investors, or scale the team back down so LK can remain indie. Both hard choices with various pros and cons, but ultimately:

We’ve decided to stay independent---Adam is stepping away so that LK can remain self-sustainable. He’ll stick around in an advisory capacity but will no longer be slinging content and product strategy on a daily basis. He’s brought amazing energy and insight to the team, whipped our marketing methodology into shape, and has been a true friend and advocate for the LK mission. We’re sad we didn't reach our “full-time-team” goal, but we're glad we gave it our best. Adam will always be a core part of the LegendKeeper community.

Adam, we wish you the best on your future adventures! We're excited to see what worlds you build next. Don’t be a stranger. ✌️

This Week At LK‌‌

This has been a challenging week. As you saw above, we had tough decisions to make, plus I got Covid last week (cleared up now, but it kicked my butt), and I'm leaving for Denmark tomorrow. It's been hectic!

I'll be out of the country for two weeks, so there will be no weekly next week. I'll be online more the following week, but the LK machine won't kick back into full gear until June 1st when I return to the US. While today's news was sad, our roadmap hasn't changed, and we still have many exciting things planned. More details coming in June!

In case you missed it...

We posted a weekly last week, but a bug in our email system caused the delivery to fail. You can catch up on that here.

As always, reach out via email or Discord if you have any questions or comments.

Written by Braden Herndon

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