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LK Weekly: The Elden Lords of dev and marketing

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Hey folks, Braden here with another weekly.

Unified UX

I'm still heads-down on the massive to-do list we generated for ourselves during the LK Winter Meetup. Justin and I are making progress on the unified UX initiative. The core functionality is nearly finished, and now there are many little things to fix—colors, polish, padding, bugs here and there, etc.

Below you can see work on the new Image Block. In LK 0.12, we do away with pages with only one image. You'll be able to add as many images as you like to a page's sidebar.

Editing an image block's crop with some new UI trimmings.

I'm also pondering ways to make templates even more streamlined.

Playing with a more contextual "Create from template" flow.

Arise, ye tarnished.

We're all still fanboying out about Elden Ring, and after that random generators live stream, Adam got the bright idea to combine Team LK's loves. Behold, the Elden Ring Boss Name Generator! Let us know if you generate any memorable names.

Learning us some marketing

An essential part of any business is finding people who have the problem your business solves, i.e., marketing. As a developer, marketing isn't always the most exciting thing to me, but the truth is: No matter how good your product is, if people don't know about it, they won't use it. Marketing is a core competency for any business founder, especially for us, since LK is still relatively unknown.

Adam and I enrolled in a well-regarded marketing course called Demand Curve to fix this. This course focuses on practical advice for founders who want to understand their audience better and get the word out. We like it so far but haven't gotten too deep yet. I imagine we'll have more to say later.

Finding fellow geeks

Adam has deployed several new ad campaigns on the marketing front to help spread the word about LK. We are working with the RPGGeek network and some other indie sites.

Do you like to write about cool stuff?

We've got an exciting guide on worldbuilding in the queue for our blog. We've done the research and are now looking for a great writer to weave it into cohesive and engaging posts. If you are a writer and might be interested in this, here are some of the details:

I need help putting together an important guide for LegendKeeper's blog. We already have research and notes finished. I can give very clear guidelines and I can pay well for great writing. If you are interested, please email me adam at legendkeeper.com
It's likely two pieces, each one longform. Could be about 2500 - 5k words. Mostly based on existing research but requires creative input to make it work for a Game Master audience and make great examples. To submit just email me examples of your writing.

That's all for now! See you next week.

Written by Braden Herndon

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